Consultation Calendar

How to get involved

This initiative is progressing quickly, with multiple organizations playing a role.

To get involved, contact an e-Channel provider or provincial support organization. Timelines are tight, spaces are limited and consultations may have already occurred. You can also share your insights directly and anonymously in a brief form.

e-Channel & LBS provincial support organizations

  1. ACE Distance/Online, College Sector Committee for Adult Upgrading (CSC)

  2. AlphaPlus

  3. Centre franco-ontarien de ressources en alphabétisation (Centre FORA)

  4. Coalition ontarienne de formation des adultes (COFA)

  5. Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO)

  6. Contact North | Contact Nord

  7. The Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators (CESBA)

  8. Deaf Learn Now

  9. Deaf Literacy Initiative (DLI)

  10. Good Learning Anywhere (GLA)

  11. Laubach Literacy Ontario (LLO)

  12. Programme de formation à distance (F@D)

  13. Ontario Native Literacy Coalition (ONLC)

  14. The LearningHUB