Reports (American Sign Language)

Enhancing the Literacy and Basic Skills Program Through Integrated Digital Delivery: An Opportunity and Needs Assessment

Table of Contents

Exeuctive Summary (14 minutes)

  1. Digital Resources, Infrastructure and Skills for Access (12 minutes)

  2. Online Learning Curricula, Assessment and Resources (11 minutes)

  3. Professional Development for High Quality and Consistent Learner Experience (7 minutes)

  4. System Insfrastructure, Coordination and Enabling Environment (12 minutes)

Highlights of consultations with LBS system stakeholders

  1. About (5 minutes)

  2. The current state of digital instruction in the LBS system (5 minutes)

  3. Benefits of online/remote LBS programming (5 minutes)

  4. Challenges with online/remote LBS programming (5 minutes)

  5. Vision for the future: Blended LBS programming that enhances digital literacy for all (2 minutes)

  6. Program-level supports to enable this vision (3 minutes)

  7. System-level supports to enable this vision (4 minutes)